After you've chosen the right product to suit your needs, Tint Pros uses the patented Llumar system to produce a perfect, computer cut glass film for your car.


Tint Pros uses the Llumar system, an advanced system of high-tech custom precision film cutting. Using the make and model of your vehicle, Llumar's computer system prescribes and cuts an exact fit for your car. Cutting by hand could never match the precision of the Llumar film cut-out.

Tint Pros represents a number of film products to produce a variety of benefits, depending on your needs. Consider the benefits:

  • Non-conductive - safe for rear window radio, GPS and satellite systems
  • Cuts down on hazardous glare - provides a more comfortable driving experience
  • Rejects heat - provides a more comfortable driving experience
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays - reduces interior fading (seats, carpet and woodtrim) and helps minimize health risks
  • CST scratch-resistant hardcoat - long lasting durability
  • Enhanced optical clarity - utilizing the latest technological advances
  • Glass hazard mitigation - reduces injuries from flying glass fragments
  • Looks to fit your style - We have styles to fit the life of an executive to styles fitting for a flashy sports car.


Solid Color Wraps in all colors Using 3m Wrapping cast vinyls or Oracal Wrapping cast (Ex: Matte Black/white, gloss Black/white, Carbon fiber, Brushed Silver & many other colors in matte or gloss)

We can do full car color wraps or partial areas.

Partial area wraps may include:
- Roof
- Hood
- Trunk
- Window trim or chrome moldings
- Bumper trim or lower rocker panels
- Grill or trunk trim
- Lower front or back bumper valances (above exhausts area or under grill)
- Emblems 
- Interior trim panels
- Lights (May included custom cut eyelids or cutouts)
- Rim accents (may include spoke faces)



Graphics Wraps are UV ink printed and laminate protected graphics which can be applied to the whole or partial vehicle for aesthetic or commercial advertising purposes.

We can do full color graphics wraps or partial areas.
We can provide design work or use clients existing designs to wrap full commercial trucks, vans or vehicles

Full vehicles or partial roofs, hoods, trunks, doors, windows


Vinyl Decals are die cut out of colored material to create logos, lettering, stripes or design and can be applied to any smooth clean surface like windows, painted, walls etc.

Vinyl decals include:
- Logos
- Lettering
- Stripes
- Custom Designs


We can offer design or print from existing artwork provided by client.

- Small Signs
- Banners
- Business Cards
- Flyers
- Window Mesh Or Cling-ons


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