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Save on heating and cooling costs, protect interiors, create a better working/living environment, manage glare, minimize danger in cases of accidents/ explosions, deter vandalism, create privacy and enhance building appearance. That's why glass film coatings are becoming so popular. And why our smash and grab window film protection has become so popular among clients in Staten Island, Manhattan and the greater New York City area.

Tint Pros' thirty years in business, excellent national reputation and state of the art products makes them the one to call for both domestic and commercial applications.

Whether you're looking to address issues of heat load, glare, fading, or safety and security, you can trust Tint Pros to deliver the highest quality of service and professional installation available in the industry.

  • Installers with 30+ years experience
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all workmanship
  • Direct factory guarantee on products
  • Excellent reputation for fast service and excellence in installation




  • Solar control films contain ultraviolet absorbers to reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation being transmitted through glass doors and windows. These powerful rays are a primary cause for fading and deterioration.
  • It is generally accepted that UV radiation can be responsible for roughly 40% -60% of all fading.
  • With ozone depletion in the earth's atmosphere, exposure to UV rays has been increasingly linked to skin cancer, premature aging, eye damage, and immune system suppression.

Note: It is important to stress that no window film or glazing product will totally prevent or stop fading.



  • There are a variety of colored solar control films that would compliment architectural design
  • Solar control film can help provide an element of appearance uniformity for large commercial buildings, residential, high rise apartments and condominiums.



  • Security and safety film has the ability to help resist glass shattering fragments from acts of nature or mankind.
  • Safety films are designed in such a matter that in the event of glass breakage the glass itself remains adhered to the film. In some cases the glass may remain shattered but intact in its original frame.
  • Safety film can protect someone from lethal flying or falling projectiles. Safety film is comprised of optically clear, tinted or reflective and is usually 4 mils to 15 mils in thickness.
  • Protect yourself from acts of terrorism, vandalism and natural disasters.


  • The biggest problem in controlling comfort in homes and office buildings is dealing with the radiant heat from the sun.
  • One of the most outstanding characteristics of solar control window film is its ability to regulate or control the amount of solar energy that passes through the glass.
  • Solar control window films are designed to reflect infrared heat waves.
  • With escalating energy costs, products such as window film are increasingly valuable as an investment.



  • These are specifically designed films for an exterior window application to help prevent vandalism (glass etching).
  • These films are optically clear and undetectable to the naked eye.
  • This type of film can be easily removed and replaced by a professional window installer, and is an inexpensive, time-efficient solution for building and store owners versus replacing a damaged piece of glass.

    Ultra Counter-Intelligence Film 

How important is the information in your building? 
Prevent wireless hackers and acoustic/ electronic eavesdropping using Tint Pros Counter Intelligence Film.

  • Used by more than 200 Federal Agencies (Dept of Defense, Dept of Treasury)
  • Protects a building's ability to leak radio frequency (cell phones, wireless internet)
  • Eliminates acoustic and electronic eavesdropping through glass
  • Works in large and small buildings
  • Protects against laser and IR microphones eavesdropping and snooping inside your building.
  • Optically clear
  • Doesn't interfere with cell phone use
  • Seven mil variety also provides protection from flying glass from a bomb blast