School Security - Safety Film

Security & Safety For First Floor Windows And Glass Doors

Philip Mondello, owner of Tint Pros, is a local business man with a son and is dedicated to our community's safety. He knows all about protecting children, adults, homes, and businesses by fortifying windows and glass doors against shootings, vandalism and natural disasters with security and safety film. 

Having windows and glass doors glazed with bullet-resistant safety film is a cost-effective way to provide protection and is comprised of optically clear, tinted or reflective film that's 4 to 15 mils thick. 

Using a film that can totally block the view of someone trying to shoot at a crowd also works. Therefore, using a frost film, white out or blackout film will perform well in a school safe zone such as a gym or auditorium area. If one can't see through the glass, the chances of striking someone with a bullet are drastically reduced. 

Safety experts and architects recommend that schools: 

  • Build a sturdy set of double doors at front entrance to control access, 
  • Position classrooms away from the front entrance.
  • Install an intercom and a sturdy transaction window at front entrance.
  • Glaze first-floor windows with bullet-resistant film or glass.
  • Separate and clearly mark a parent drop-off lane and a bus lane.
  • Keep parking lot a distance away from school. 
  • Remove parking space signs reserved for specific people, which can indicate whether an administrator is inside.
  • Number classrooms with signs that are visible down inside hallways and from outside the building. 
  • Install surveillance cameras and locks on all classroom and office doors. 
  • Trim shrubbery or trees that hug the building.
  • Place bollards in front of the school building. 
  • Compartmentalize after-school activities in one part of the building so the rest of the building can be secured after-hours.

As you know, it's always better to provide safety and security than deal with a tragic event. 

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