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Smart Film

Technologically advanced, electrically controllable glass coating that transitions between opaque and transparent states.

Safety Film

Enhance shatter resistance, mitigating the risk of injuries by holding shattered glass fragments together in the event of breakage.

Bird Safety Film

Specialized window coating designed to reduce bird collisions by making glass surfaces more visible.

Custom Vinyl Wrap

Perfect for customizable designs, branding,

and protection.

Projection Smart Film

Dynamic projection experience, providing a versatile and interactive platform for multimedia displays.

Casper Cloaking Film

Ensuring confidentiality during meetings and discussions in contemporary office environments.

Challenges We Solve


Sun Control

Save on heating and cooling costs, protect interiors, create a better working/living environment.


Safety & Security

minimize danger in cases of accidents/explosions, deter vandalism.


Privacy & Decorative

create privacy and enhance building appearance.

Why Choose Tint Pros?

Tint Pros' has over 35 years of experience, excellent national reputation and state of the art products makes them the one to call for both domestic and commercial applications.

Whether you're looking to address issues of heat load, glare, fading, or safety and security, you can trust Tint Pros to deliver the highest quality of service and professional installation available in the industry.

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We are located right off Arthur Kill rd.

715 Sharrotts Rd, Staten Island, NY 10309, USA